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Industrial PC

Developed and intended for industrial applications, industrial PCs differ from consumer alternatives in dependability, ruggedness, flexibility and complexity. Industrial PCs cater to a multitude of purposes and usages – primarily relating to process control and/or acquisition of valuable data, and additionally for front-end application in a distributed processing environment.


Typically located in harsh or demanding environments and areas, industrial PCs must satisfy the strict requirements for dependability, resilience and ruggedness – withstanding external factors such as extreme and fluctuating temperatures, water spray, dust and vibration.


Industrial PC enclosures may be embedded or mounted into the surrounding environment via a wall mount, panel mount, 19” rack etc., depending on usage, location and other requirements. Hatteland Technology offers a wide variety of industrial PCs – box computers, 19” rack computers, panel PCs, servers, network appliances and accessories.



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69954 69400 69465 68496 70005 69894 67627 69569 68027 68504 69933 69813 61236 69086 259609 259611 69140 64438 69187 69117 67439 69112 258062 176584 175089
122024 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX100-312-FL-N3350-EU Axiomtek. Celeron N3350
Tuotenumero:  122024
120578 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX560-300-FL-N3710-EU Axiomtek. Pentium N3710 1.6GHz
Tuotenumero:  120578
120704 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX560-500-FL-6600U-EU Axiomtek. i7-6600U
Tuotenumero:  120704
119558 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX560-880-FL-5010U-EU Core i3-5010U, 230VAC
Tuotenumero:  119558
121403 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX565-500-FL-6100U-DC Axiomtek. i3-6100U, 9-36VDC
Tuotenumero:  121403
121322 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX565-500-FL-6300U-DC Axiomtek. i5-6300U, 9-36VDC
Tuotenumero:  121322
118512 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX625-842-FL-J1900-2.0G-EU Axiomtek. J1900 2GHz
Tuotenumero:  118512
120919 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX625-853-FL-N3160-EU Celeron N3160/ 230VAC
Tuotenumero:  120919
119067 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX626-842-FL-J1900-DC Axiomtek. J1900 2GHz, 10-34VDC
Tuotenumero:  119067
119579 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX626-853-FL-N3160-DC Axiomtek. Celeron N3160, 9-36VDC
Tuotenumero:  119579
121496 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX640-500-FL-DC H110, 7th/6th Gen. Core,10-30VDC
Tuotenumero:  121496
121293 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBOX670-891-FL-DC Q170, 7th/6th gen Core, 4x Lan, 9-36VDC
Tuotenumero:  121293
121364 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg eBox800-841-FL-DC  Vanntett IP67 Axiomtek. E3845. 9-36VDC
Tuotenumero:  121364
120062 IEI Technology Corp.KS- D -xx kg ECN-380-QM87i-i5/WD/4G-R10 IEI/I5-4400E/4GB/9-36VDC
Tuotenumero:  120062
129054 129053 HT KUB-301 i3, 8GB, M.2 250GB, 0TB, Win10
Tuotenumero:  129054
Uudet julkaisut
129056 129055 HT KUB-501 i5, 16GB, M.2 250GB, 0TB, Win10
Tuotenumero:  129056
Uudet julkaisut
120287 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg ICO310-N3160-PB-DC Celeron N3160/DIN rail/12-24VDC
Tuotenumero:  120287
121930 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg IFB122-FL-DC Axiomtek/Freescale iMX6UL/256MB/4GB SSD
Tuotenumero:  121930
120184 IEI Technology Corp.KS- D -xx kg IVS-200-ULT2-C/4G-R10 Celeron 3765U/4GB ram/9-36VDC/4x LAN
Tuotenumero:  120184
120185 IEI Technology Corp.KS- D -xx kg IVS-200-ULT2-i5/4G-R10 IEI/i5-5350U/4GB ram/9-36VDC/4x LAN
Tuotenumero:  120185
118198 AxiomtekKS- D -xx kg rBOX510-6COM Axiomtek. E3827 1,75GHz, Din-rail
Tuotenumero:  118198
120179 IEI Technology Corp.KS- D -xx kg TANK-801-BTi-J1/2G/3A-R11 IEI/Celeron J1900/2GB ram/2 PCI+1 PCIe
Tuotenumero:  120179
128625 IEI Technology Corp.KS- D -xx kg TANK-870-Q170i-i5/4G/2B-R11 IEI/i5-6500TE/4GB ram/1 PCIe by 16&1xPCI
Tuotenumero:  128625
125919 IEI Technology Corp.KS- D -xx kg TANK-870-Q170i-i5/4G/4B-R11 IEI/i5-6500TE/4GB ram/1 PCIe + 3 PCI
Tuotenumero:  125919
125436 Moxa UC-2101-LX Cortex-A8 600MHz/256MB/8GB/1 Com/1 Lan
Tuotenumero:  125436
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