HT SR-701/M, Milestone validated

i7, 16GB, M.2 250GB, 0TB, Win10

Tuotenumero 129076
The HT SHORT RACK is a 19” 4U short rack computer that can be mounted in shallow racks (300 mm). The series is developed and designed by Hatteland Technology and is built with industry-class components for safe operation for a long time in demanding environments. The HT SHORT RACK series has a variety of processor, hard disk and memory options.

Hatteland Technology is a partner of Milestone System Builder Program and this gives us the possibility to validate (certify option) our storage units for an optimal performance together with the Milestone XProtect VMS software. The HT SHORT RACK units have been tested through the demanding Milestone test environment and have reached the high standard as a Milestone Validated unit. The units are therefore allowed to carry the XProtect logo.


- Milestone Validated product (Certified as an option)
- 4U short rack computer (300 mm deep) for shallow 19 ”rack mounting
- Built with industry-class components
- Adapted to customer requirements for color, logo, BIOS, software
- Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 operating system
- Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 or Xeon processor
- Up to 64 GB of memory capacity
- Up to 48 TB of storage capacity
- RAID0 / RAID1 / RAID5 / RAID10 (optional)
- Built-in UPS for uninterrupted operation in the event of power failure (optional)
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